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Malko Dance Academy and Malko Dance Studio

Sergey Malko, Owner/Executive Director


Main Location

2927 Fulton Ave
Sacramento, CA 95821


Secondary Location

2840 Auburn Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone: (916)342-6294

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Malko Dance Academy Presents...

Ballroom, Latin, and Theatrical Dance Showcase debuting "Alice in the Land of Wonder"

Click on link below to find us on Page 20 of the Harris Center 2016-2017 Season Brochure.

Buy Tickets online at

or call 916.608.6888

Tickets on Sale Now

$25 General Admission

 Now Offering Ballet Classes


Malko Dance Academy is happy to announce that we are now offering Ballet Classes for ALL ages and all levels.

Please visit our class schedule/calendar for all of the information regarding days, times, levels, and cost of classes

Classes are being taught by seasoned ballet professionals husband and wife team 

We look forward to seeing you and your children in Ballet!



Congratulations to Malko Dance Academy's - top International Latin Couple Ilya Ignatyev and Vickanat Govorun for becoming 2016 International Grand Ball Dancesport Championships

Junior I Champions - A link to their interview video is below - check it out!

To recap here are there titles thus far:

2016 Emerald Ball Junior I Finalists
2016 Millennium DanceSport Junior I Rising Star Champions
2016 Desert Classic Junior I Finalist
2016 IGB Junior I Champions 

2015 Top Pre-teen II couple American Dance League

2015 SF Open Pre-teen II champions
2015 IGB Pre-teen IIFinalists
2015 Emerald Ball Pre-teen II Finalists
2015 Desert Classic Pre-teen II Finalists
2015 Holiday Classic Pre-teen II Champions
2014 International Grand Ball Pre-teen II Latin Finalist

2014 California State DanceSport Pre-teen II Latin Champions

Ilya Ignatyev and Vickanat Govern "We really want to judge!!!" ‪#‎BallroomBackStage‬‪#‎IGB2016‬

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Now offering Two Dance Locations!

A picture of our main floor!

Salsa Dance Lessons Sacramento

Sacramento's Leading Comprehensive Kids-Youth Ballroom Dancesport Program

As stated above Malko Dance Sacramento begins teaching children at the age of 4.  The youth here thrive and are very passionate about dancing.  Another outlet here at this location for teen hip hop is with Sacramento Dance.  

The main instructor here for Ballroom and Latin for teens is Sergey Malko.  His influence and passsionate and excelllent instruction have lead to much success in our younger dancers.  He provides a great environment for dance lessons for teens in Sacramento.  Many events are available to the youth.  Learning to dance at a younger age gives a great skill and social asset that will be used throughout a successful person lifetime.  The opportunity to perform gives the youth confidence which everyone needs.  See some great Showcase photos of the talented pre-teen and teen ballroom dancers here.

Call 916-342-6294 for full details on the class information.


October 2012 performance!

Salsa dance lessons in Sacramento are the very accesable here.  You have access to private dance lessons and group classes and parties.  (Please call for the Salsa group class information) There are many clubs in Sacramento that have Salsa dancing every week.   Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights, and Sunday nights.  Some people just go right out to the Salsa clubs and start dancing, but some others need to actually take lessons first and that is where we come in.  Check out the online salsa dance lesson with over 133,000 views and climbing fast from one of our Salsa Intructors James Smith.  This will help you before you even come in for a lesson. 

Ballroom for Adults, Perform and Compete with us!

Sergery Malko and a student competing!

Ballroom dance lessons in Sacramento for adults are available here at Malko Dance Sacramento.  We don't just let the kids have all the fun.  We're are about entetaining the grownup that still wants to be a kid sometimes.  Here you can dance Waltz, Tango, Argertine Tango, Foxtrot, and V. Waltz. while feeling like you're having the time of your life.  The first dance lesson with us is a free private dance lesson.  That is whene we will teach you the basic steps of dancing which begins with a walking step.  

Whether you want to dance for fun, dance for business, dance for the thrill of seeking something new and exciting, then we have exactly what you need.  Give us a call and find out why we are one of the best places to learn dance in Sacramento.

Special Events

If you're are hosting an event give us a call.